Tuesday, January 6, 2009

i'm ok

because i've gotten a lot of phone calls asking if i'm ok, i figured i should do a blog :) yes, i'm fine. i was just having a dumpy day. i'm back to feeling like my normal self. thanks guys:)

i do have some moderately exciting things to tell. i received my 'ovulens' on the 2nd. i've tried it out to see how it works, and am intending to begin using it regularly when my period is done. i'm very excited to see what happens. also, we have a meeting with our potential midwife on monday. yeah!! i need to start compiling all the questions i have. if any one has tips on what we should discuss with her, whether is baby, birth, or health related, i would love to hear them. i've got so many thoughts running through my head, i would welcome help.

here's to our adventure getting up and running:)


  1. What's ovulens??

  2. ovulens is a handy little way to tell if i'm ovulating. look back at my first blog post for a comment from raene that explains ovulens.

  3. Maybe try Cafemom.com they have tons of forums, you might be able to find a LTTC (lesbians trying to conceive) group and they would have a ton of insight to what to ask your midwife!