Friday, January 9, 2009

i saw a fern!!!

i did the ovulens this morning and when i checked it I SAW A FERN!! i think it's really cool :) so what this fern means is that my body is transitioning to ovulation. when i see a whole lens full of ferns, that means i'm ovulating.

this picture is what a transitioning lens looks like. the things that look like antennas are the ferns. when not transitioning or ovulating the lens just has a bunch of blobbies.

i'll do a quick ovulens recap, too, to explain how it works. you take the nifty contraption (see photo in the previous blog), open it up, flip down the glass lens, put some fresh morning spit on it:), wait 10 mins till dry, flip the lens back up, turn on the green light, and view. this thing will help me pinpoint when i ovulate and can also work as a pregnancy test. it's basically a small microscope.

yea for simple easy technology!

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