Saturday, January 3, 2009

low progesterone and apology

what if my spotting early means i have low progesterone?...... last cycle i started spotting about 12 days before my period started (which i now know really was the 11th after doing more reading and checking my journal). this isn't normal, i think. we meet with the midwife on the 12th. i hope she can help.

i also want to apologize for what i said in my last blog. i made an incorrect assumption regarding at least one of my friends that just got pregnant, and maybe i assumed wrong with some of the others. i had made the presumption that my friends got pregnant without planning because they were hetero and married/engaged. that was wrong of me. i was writing without thinking about what i was saying. sorry ladies.

in my defence, i am pmsing, haha:) congrats to all you pregnant beautiful women.

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  1. I always "spot" super early when I am stressed. I even go through cycles where I start getting my period every other week for months at a time and don't ovulate at all... just bleed. It's ALL stress related for me. Do try ways of relaxation. It will help with you aim.
    And, indeed we heteros must "try" at times to get pregnant. It just usually costs less than you're paying ;)