Monday, January 12, 2009


well, the ovulens isn't working out as well as i hoped. since that first day that i saw ferns i haven't seen anymore. major disappointment.

i actually turned into quite a poop on saturday because i was all frustrated about this whole business. i really need to work on relinquishing control or else i'm going to be a major roller coaster of emotions. anna was a doll, as usual, and pretty much let me be a snarky bitch. then when we went to bed i broke down crying and spilled it all out. man that felt good. i just needed a good cry.

it's still annoying not seeing results on the ovulens in the morning, but there are other "symptoms" i can track. i'm still recording my BBT and also my fertile mucus. according to my mucus (bleh), i'm close to ovulation.

we went to the midwife/birth center today. it was great. the woman we saw was very nice and knowledgeable. she gave us some good tips on supplements and other pre-conception ideas. the center was nice. i could see me giving birth there:) i met the other midwives too; they were all friendly. i think that is the location i would like to go to for prenatal care and birth. wow:) ok now we just need the baby! haha.

we are thinking that we will start trying in march for sure now since the ovulation tracking isn't going as easily as (i) hoped. i'm going to start drinking a fertility tea to help regulate ovulation and give me more nutrients to prepare my body. i'm also considering acupuncture. it's been mentioned on a number of blogs i've read and different pregnancy websites. i've enjoyed the acupuncture i've had done before, and it can be beneficial for conception. it goes with the philosophy of whole body health to prepare for the baby.

i think that's everything for now. i'm sure i'll have more tomorrow because i picked up a book at the birth center called "the twelve month pregnancy". we'll see what else i can stuff into my brain:)


  1. The 12 Month Pregnancy... what a great title! And so true in so many cases. I agree with Mel about CafeMom. It's a great gathering of EVERYONE. You two are so on top of things. We didn't know where we were going to give birth to Quinn for sure until it was about time to take our birthing classes (which we did weeks later than recommended). Are you going to try and time your sperm injection for a girl or a boy? Or, are you just gonna do it and hope for a baby?

  2. we've looked into timing the insemination, but i think we'll just do it when we have the sperm :) i don't want to miss our chance by trying to micro-manage it.