Friday, January 30, 2009

i love apples and peanut butter

i think i'm addicted. oh well:) i only eat adam's natural peanut butter and organic apples, so it can't be too bad for me right?

i started seriously drinking my fertility tea this morning. i drank 32 oz. in 2 hours. should i have spaced that out more?? it's not too bad tasting. i had been warned that it isn't the most pleasant. i added some ginger honey again. the smell and tasted reminds me of mari-j. i think it's just because it smells herby/earthy. mmm:) that's a picture of chasteberries, by the way.

it took me forever to figure out how to brew the stuff. i wasn't sure if if mattered how much i used, how much water, and how long. so i'm going to log that here just in case someone else is doing a google search for "how to brew loose leaf fertility tea". i don't think you can really screw up brewing the tea

i used 3 tablespoons to 4 cups (32 oz.) of water. i brewed the tea in a french press, since i didn't have an infusing teapot large enough. worked great. i let the tea steep while i was in the shower, about 10-15 mins. i poured it into a couple thermoses (one to drink out of, one to store). i drank it on my way to work, like i used to do with coffee, and finished off the other thermos at work. then i peed like a racehorse. :)

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  1. hey--
    thanks for blogging! it's really helping us get our butts moving with all these decisions! so...ID release/ consent or no? Standard or pre-washed sperm (or IVF)? Have you guys decided on that yet? DId your doc or midwife have advice on the type of insemination?
    -wendy and michelle